How Does a Plastic Extruder Machine Work?

The plastic extruder machine is the main part of the plastic granulator. It consists of an extrusion system, a transmission system, and a heating and cooling system. Vigorously develop renewable resources and turn waste into treasure. The extrusion system includes a screw, a barrel, a hopper, a mold. The plastic is molded into a uniform melt through the extrusion system. And plastic is continuously extruded out of the head by the screw under the pressure established in this process. This is the basic working principle of plastic extruder machine.

plastic extruder
plastic extruder

Main Components of Plastic Extruder Machine

  1. The screw is an important part of the extruder, made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant alloy steel. It is directly related to the application range and productivity of the extruder.
  2. The barrel: It is a metal cylinder, generally made of alloy steel or composite steel pipe lined with alloy steel. That is heat-resistant, high-pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. The barrel and the screw are matched to realize the crushing, softening, melting, and plasticizing of the plastic.
  3. Hopper: There is a cutting device at the bottom of the hopper. It can adjust and cut off the flow of materials. In addition, there are observation holes and calibration metering devices on the side of the hopper.
  4. Machine head and mold: The head of machine is composed of an alloy steel inner sleeve and a carbon steel outer sleeve, and a forming mold. The function of the head is to transform the rotating plastic melt into parallel linear motion, evenly and smoothly into the mold sleeve, and providing the necessary molding pressure the plastic for the plastic.

Working Principle of Plastic Extruder Machine

The exhaust-type plastic extruder is used to re-mix and heat the plastic is crushed, cleaned, and dried to a molten state, then extrude and cut into pellets. Because the sources of waste plastic products are complex. Many types of the composition of the mixture have a lot of volatiles, water, and other components. So it is more appropriate to choose the vented extruder. If the material is not easy to enter into the machine, it’s better to match with a screw forced feeding machine. A filter is added in front of the barrel, and the molten material is extruded into strips through a perforated plate, cooling and shaping in a water tank, and then cut into pellets in the cutting machine.

pellet cutting machine
pellet cutting machine

What We Need to Consider when Choose Plastic Extruder Machine?

  1. Choose suitable plastic extrusion machine according to the actual situation, such as the supply of raw materials, investment budget, and the power supply and water supply of the plant.
  2. The user can choose the plastic granulator with advanced technical parameters and reasonable price through comparing the technical parameters. And the main technical parameters of the plastic granulator should meet industry standards.
  3. There are some important index for choosing a plastic recycling machine. These index are stability, reliability, safety and service life. These conditions are related to the manufacturing and assembled accuracy of the machinery, as well as the design and structure of the connecting device.
  4. You should also notice energy saving and environmental protection of pellet making machine.

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