Do You Really Know About Plastic Recycling?

When you first hear about plastic recycling, how do you understand it? Do you really know about that? A general explanation is to process waste plastic into new products. Granulation is a usual method to deal with waste plastics. The plastic pellet can be second use. The plastic pellet making machine is used to pelletize granules through a plastic recycling line after washing waste plastic.

PP, PE plastic film recycling machine
PP, PE plastic film recycling machine

Closed loop recycling & Opened loop recycling

Plastic recycling is divided into closed-loop recycle and opened loop recycle. In open-loop recycle (also known as secondary recycle or downgraded recycling), the quality of recycled plastic is reduced each time, so the material will not be recycled indefinitely and eventually become waste. In closed-loop( or primary) recycling, used plastics are endlessly recycled into new items of the same quality and kind. So far, the only industrial success is PET bottle recycling.

Plastic film recycling machine

There are PE recycling lines and plastic bottle recycling lines for sale in Shuliy Machinery. The plastic film recycling machine includes a belt conveyor, plastic crushing and cleaning machine, rinsing tank, vertical dewatering machine, inclined belt conveyor, automatic feeding machine, plastic pellet extruder, cooling tank, pellet cutting machine, storage bin, bagging machine, etc. These machines compose a recycling line to complete the process of crushing, washing, dewatering, conveying, feeding, pellet making, cooling, storing, and bagging.

applications of plastic film recycling machine
applications of plastic film recycling machine

PET bottle recycling machine

The common plastic bottle recycling machine is the main machine for dealing with PET bottles. The PET bottle is easy to collect because of its wide application in carbonated drinks, mineral water, fruit juice, medicine, cosmetics, transparent box, chemicals, etc. PET bottle recycling machine mainly includes belt conveyor, label removing machine, belt conveying picking table machine, crusher, washing tank, hot water washing tank, frictional cleaning machine, washing and separating tank, dehydrator, storage bin, bagging machine. Generally, it should match three machines for washing PET flakes at least, washing tank, hot water washing tank, and frictional cleaning machine.

PET bottle to PET flakes
PET bottle to PET flakes

Can I get make money from plastic recycling?

In daily life, many people may be thinking about this question, can I make money benefits from plastic waste? The prospect of the plastic recycling line itself is good, but like other industries, nobody can ensure it can make profits or not. It depends on your process, the quantity of supplying material, comprehensive knowledge about plastic, etc. Therefore, it’s better to consider carefully before investing in plastic disposal machines if you want to want to get profits from that plastic waste.

How to choose plastic recycling machine?

  • 1. What is the material you want to recycle?

For different kinds of materials, we should choose different matches. For instance, waste film and bottles have some differences in processing.

  • 2. Budget

If you are on a tight budget, a high-cost performance machine is the best choice. But if you don’t need to consider the budget or you pursue a higher quality of finished products, you choose suitable good machines according to your needs or match more washing machines in recycling line.

  • 3. The production output

There are small capacity machines and a large one. For different production output, you can choose in accordance with your actual situation. But it’s better not to ignore the quality and the development in future.

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