PET Bottle Recycling Machine

This plastic recycling line is mainly used to deal with waste bottles that are made of PET. Through the whole process of removing label, crushing bottles to flakes, washing flakes, and dehydrating, the PET bottles will become clean PET flakes. Get in touch with us for the best price.

PET bottle recycling machine mainly includes belt conveyor, label removing machine, belt conveying picking table machine, crusher, washing tank, hot water washing tank, frictional machine, washing and separating tank, dehydrator, storage bin, bagging machine. This plastic recycling line is for dealing with PET waste bottles. Through the whole process of removing labels, crushing bottles to flakes, washing flakes, and dehydrating, the PET bottles will become clean PET flakes. If the bottle is too dirty, you can match more washing devices for cleaning. Besides, we support customization services according to your actual needs.

PET bottle recycling production line

Conveying bottles–removing bottle trademarks–picking and selecting–conveying–crushing bottles into flakes–rinsing flakes–hot water washing–frictional cleaning–washing and separating flakes–dehydrating–storage–bagging

Simple introductions of related PET bottle recycling machines

1. Bale breaker

bale breaker
bale breaker

2. Roller screen

roller screen
roller screen

3. Belt conveyor/Belt conveying picking table machine

It is the equipment to transport bottles to crusher, applying in different fields and production line. The conveyor belt adopts a steel frame, PVC belt with scraper, driving pulley, and adjustable speed motor. Belt length and width can be customized based on your requirements. In order to increase the purity of final PET flakes, it is better to pick out the different materials manually before conveying PET bottles into the crusher because the processes of treatment different materials are different. The length and width are customized according to your requirements.

belt conveyor
belt conveyor

4. Label removing machine

PET bottle label removing machine can remove trademarks of PET bottles, instead of a manual removing label.It can meet high-capacity production and improve production efficiency. It can apply to different sizes of bottles by adjusting the blades in the machine.

label removing machine
label removing machine

5. PET bottle shredder

PET plastic crusher is equipped with alloy steel material blades, high speed, durable and wearable. So it is suitable for crushing PET bottles into flakes.

PET bottle crusher
PET bottle crusher

6. Washing tank

The washing tank can clean scraps of bottles for the first time and separate PP or PE bottle cap flakes from PET flakes.

cleaning tank
cleaning tank

7. Screw conveyor

screw conveyor
screw conveyor

8. Hot water washer

The hot water washing tank is a piece of necessary equipment for the PET cleaning line. Through the heating of water and the use of chemical additives, then you can get clean material. It is an upper open structure with the functions of automatic temperature control, heat preservation stirring, suitable for small, medium, and large washing and recycling plants.

hot water washing machine
hot water washing machine

9. Frictional washing machine

The frictional cleaning machine body is composed of the main engine, motor, foot frame, water inlet, feeding inlet, discharge hole, and so on. The bottom of the body is a fine mesh filter. An external water inlet is on the top. Materials should enter from the feed inlet. High-speed rotating screw allowing the material to be fully rubbed with the running water. And then clean the material completely.

frictional washing machine
frictional washing machine

10. Washing and separating machine

The washing and separating machine for cleaning PP, PE, and PET sheets, automatic separation of bottle caps and other floating debris, and effective separation of sand and paper debris in various sheet materials. Washing tank is one of the ideal pieces of equipment in plastic machinery. Suitable for further separation and rinsing of impurities after cleaning to make bottle flakes cleaner and whiter. In addition, it has the advantages of simple operation, clear cleaning effect, safe and reliability, long service life.

11. Dehydrator for PET chips

This plastic dehydrator machine is widely applicable for dewatering PET flakes. It has the characteristics of a good dehydrating effect, less power consumption, and efficiency, continuous production, high degree of automation, high output and dryness, etc.

horizontal dehydrator
horizontal dehydrator

Besides, the storage bin conveys PET plastic flakes into the machine by a fan, and the bagging machine can package material into bags, which is convenient to store, trade, and manage.

Wide applications of PET bottle recycling machine

PET bottle recycling line is widely applied to carbonated drinks, mineral water, fruit juice, medicine, cosmetics, transparent box, chemicals, etc. In the plastic classification, the coding number of PET is one. As a packaging material, PET has the characteristics of good mechanical properties, strong impact, and resistance to good folding. Nowadays, PET bottles are used everywhere in our daily. Therefore, it’s significant for environment preservation by PET bottle recycling machine. If you want to invest in PET bottle recycling, you can contact us to get more details and we can design a plan according to your needs.

Features of PET bottle recycling machine

  1. High automated machines, high output, saving labor, practical and reliability;
  2. Suitable for large-scale production of PET bottle recycling, efficiently;
  3. The PET bottle washing line is adjustable according to the cleanliness of bottles and your budget.
  4. A customized PET bottle recycling line can be designed based on your output.
  5. It’s beneficial to environmental protection.

Can you make money from recycling PET plastic bottles?

Many people may wonder whether PET bottles recycling can make a profit. The main methods of dealing with plastic waste mainly include incineration, disposal in a landfill, and recycling. In many people’s opinion, it seems not a profitable business to recycle waste plastics because one plastic bottle has very low value. However, in the big cities, millions of waste mineral water bottles will be produced by people at least. One-ton mineral water bottle probably has 60 thousand plastic bottles, which can make a profit of about 300 dollars.

On the surface, the PET bottle recycling machine line is a business with low profit. In fact, the prospects of the plastic water bottle recycling industry are very optimistic from a macro perspective. If you have a stable supply, comprehensive knowledge of plastic, and a team, plastic recycling is a profitable business for you.

How to choose the PET bottle recycling machine?

PET bottle washing machines are different because of the cleanliness of bottles. The PET plastic bottle recycling machine production line requires a washing tank, a hot water washing tank, and a frictional cleaning machine at least. If the budget is low, these three washing devices are necessary. But if the bottles are too dirty and the factory wants to add washing machines to ensure the cleanliness of plastic bottles. The number of washing tank, hot water washing machine, and frictional washing machine can increase to two or three. Do you want to get more details? Get in touch with us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

PET bottle recycling line video

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