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As one of the leading waste recycling equipment manufacturers, we have quite rich experience in the design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of various quality recycling machines. Our products cover plastic recycling equipment, egg tray machine, shredder, industrial baler, fiber recycling machine, charcoal making machine, pellet making machine, etc. All of Shuliy products have been obtained ISO, SGS, CE, and other international certificates.

From a small manufacturing factory to a global company, we are always innovating and developing. And from the establishment of Shuliy machinery, we aim to be a great company that can make a better world. Our machines turn waste to energy machines. This is a cool and great thing. We will continue to provide quality resource recycling solutions to customers all over the world.

factory of Shuliy machinery

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

Million Output
10 +
Product Patent
50 +
10 +
I had a great time working with them. I totally had no experience in buying a plastic recycling machine overseas. My dad did these before. But they are patient and professional. Helped me a lot.
Mila Kunit

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