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Plastic dewatering machine has the functions of high-speed centrifugal dehydration, strong swirling drying, and automatic putting out. It’s mainly used in the drying of waste plastic film chips in the PP PE film recycling line. The machine not only spins and dries wet material but also separates some impurities on the material to increase the level of cleaning quality.

Plastic dewatering machine has high-speed dehydration function, mainly applied to drying of wet waste plastic film, woven bags, flakes, etc., in plastic film recycling line. The machine not only spins and dries wet material but also separates some impurities on the material to increase the level of cleaning quality. You should install the vertical type plastic dryer at the end of the water pool, used after crushing and cleaning. To improve production efficiency, the vertical type plastic dehydrator can match with an automatic conveyor to transport dewatered plastic flakes into an automatic feeding machine, replacing manual feeding, saving labor. The inside of the plastic dewatering machine is a screw feeding device that adopts strong centrifugal force to throw out the water during the screw conveying process.

vertical centrifugal plastic dehydrator
vertical centrifugal plastic dehydrator

Characteristics of the Plastic Dewatering Machine

  • Working principle: strong swirling drying, automatic putting out, self-priming function, high-speed centrifugal dehydration, flow guiding device
  • Appearance structure: single power, upright transportation
  • Working speed: (900-1500) r/min (accelerator can be added)

The Operation Method of Plastic Dehydrator:

  • Check whether there are sundries in the machine. The sundries in the plastic dewatering machine will affect the operation effect of the machine. When starting the spindle motor, turn it in the direction of the arrow.
  • Test run for 5 minutes. When the new plastic dehydrator is started, it should be run for 5 minutes. If there is no abnormality, it can be dehydrated. In case of any abnormality, power off immediately to troubleshoot.
  • The dehydration effect is not good. If the dehydration effect is not as good as before, please turn off the power and open the cover of the machine to see if there are foreign matters. If yes, remove the foreign matters in the machine and restart use.
  • After dehydration, turn off the power supply of the plastic dehydrator, turn on the inside of the dehydrator, clean up the excess plastic and keep the whole machine clean.
plastic dewatering machine
plastic dewatering machine

What Can We Provide if You Cooperate with Us?

As a rich recycling machine manufacturer and supplier, Shuliy Machinery has rich experience in plastic film recycling machines. Because our company has professional technicians for research, design, and manufacturing. And the plastic dewatering machine has been exported to many countries because of its good performance, good quality, and reasonable price. Besides, we support customization services according to your actual needs and situation. After-sale, we can send technicians to guide the installation of the equipment if necessary. Do you want to know more information? Welcome to contact us for more details and the quotation.

Vertical Plastic Dewatering Machine Parameters

Model 500 600
Power 7.5kw 15kw

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