Plastic Recycling Washing Machine

Plastic recycling washing machine is a piece of integral equipment for crushing and cleaning material, mainly suitable for PP PE plastic film, agriculture plastic film, PP wove bags, etc. Firstly, it can crush and clean raw materials, and then use the cleaning cylinder for secondary cleaning. The equipment is a closed design for crushing and cleaning. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption, and long service life.


The casing body of the soft plastic shredder is welded by a thick steel plate. Its transmission parts are finely processed, blades made of high-quality 65Mn steel. The blade needs to be sharpened when it has been dealt with 10 tons of plastic materials.

plastic crushing and cleaning machine
plastic crushing and cleaning machine

The prospect of plastic recycling washing machine

Nowadays, the dealing of plastic is still a problem to solve all around the world. Because we use many plastics every day, such as plastic film, plastic bag, plastic bottle, plastic pipe and so on. Plastic recycling machines not only can reduce environmental pollution but also can make profits. As one step of plastic film recycling production line, the choice of plastic recycling washing machine is very important.

Advantages of our plastic recycling washing machine

The biggest feature of this machine is that it can not only clean waste plastic products but also crush plastic products. Therefore, it has another name-plastic crushing and washing machine. This means that you can achieve higher value with less money.

In addition, our company has been devoted to research, design, production, and sales of environmental protection equipment for many years. For each of our machines, we insist on honesty, pursuing high quality, good appearance, suitable price, etc. This kind of new plastic crushing and washing machine has absorbed lots of advantages of a series of products. It had achieved high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low noise, simple operation, etc.


Model 600 800
Capacity 500kg/h 1t/h
Blade width 60cm+30cm 80cm+40cm
Power 22kw+7.5kw 30kw+11kw

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