Pet Flakes Washing Machine

Pet flakes washing machine is one of the steps of the plastic recycling line. After the crushing process, the plastic pet flakes are still dirty. So it’s important to use the rinsing tank to clean plastic flakes thoroughly. The equipment is equipped with many toothed plates that can force plastic chips to move forward.

Pet flakes washing machine for sale

The waste plastic washing tank mainly includes two kinds of forms, one is a finished product with stainless or iron plate, the other one is built by yourself. Because the equipment size usually is large, it’s not easy to transport by ship. Therefore, we suggest you choose a self-built one, especially for a large rinsing tank. If you have any questions about building a washing tank, you can consult our skilled worker.

plastic flakes washing tank equipment
plastic flakes washing tank equipment

Uses of plastic washing machine

  • The rinsing tank is used in the plastic film recycling line and PET plastic recycling production line to clean plastic sheets. After the dirty waste plastic chips enter the equipment, the stirring toothed plates will force plastic flakes from one side to another side, washing the plastic material, again and again, making the dirty plastic become clean.
  • In the process of hot-washed pet flakes, the detergent will be added to clean the plastic flakes. So some cleaning foam will remain in the pet flakes. However, with the help of the pet flakes washing machine, the cleaning foam in the plastic flakes will be washed away.

Pet flakes washing tank structure

The washing tack is made of stainless steel or iron plate. Generally, the length of the equipment usually is about 15-20 meters. The distance between two stirring toothed plates or wheels is 1.5-2 meters. You can choose according to your needs. If you don’t know which size is suitable for you, you can contact us to get more details and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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