1000kg/h plastic pelletizing machine shipped to Saudi Arabia

Shuliy Group, a major producer of plastic recycling equipment, recently delivered a 1-ton/h plastic pelletizing machine to one of its customers in Saudi Arabia. The plastic pelletizing plant was created specifically to assist the customer in recycling plastic trash and converting it into high-quality pellets.

Why did customers in Saudi Arabia need a plastic pelletizing machine?

Our client, a well-known recycling business in Saudi Arabia, is dedicated to waste minimization and environmental sustainability. The business has a long history of recycling scrap metal, rubber, paper, and rubber, and it has recently started a new operation to recycle plastic.

In order to find a high-quality plastic pelletizing machine. They did a lot of internet research and then found Shuliy Group, a professional plastic pelletizer recycling machine manufacturer. We have specialized in manufacturing and supplying machines to make plastic pellets for over twenty years.

Video of plastic pelletizing machine in Saudi Arabia

Cooperation of Shuliy and client in Saudi Arabia

After receiving the order, the staff at Shuliy Group got to work right away, ensuring that the plant was put together and ready to go before it was sent to Saudi Arabia. Paul, a corporate engineer, went to Saudi Arabia after the machine was delivered there to help with installation and educate the customer’s workforce.

Thanks to the expertise of Paul and the Shuliy Group team, the installation of the plastic pelletizing plant in Saudi Arabia was a success. The customer was impressed with the quality of the machinery and the level of support they received from Shuliy Group throughout the entire process.

Saudi Arabia’s plastic recycling factory is now fully operating, creating high-quality pellets from plastic trash. The customer is pleased with the plant’s efficiency and dependability and plans to expand their business with Shuliy Group’s plastic recycling solutions.

How to start a plastic pelletizing plant in your country?

Shuliy Group has helped many customers start their own plastic pelletier plants, our plastic recycling machines have shipped to many countries, including Algeria, Congo, Nigeria, Germany, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, and so on. If you are interested in the plastic recycling machines, welcome to contact us, you can fill out the inquiry form on our website. You can also send an email or Whatsapp us any time. Our sales manager will be happy to contact you and give you a professional suggestion.

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