Pelletizing machine for plastic recycling exported to Saudi Arabia

A customer in Saudi Arabia specializing in the plastics business is determined to upgrade his equipment to improve production efficiency. After thorough research and comparison, the customer decided to cooperate with us and purchase our complete pelletizing machine for plastic recycling.

Pelletizing machine for plastic recycling
Pelletizing machine for plastic recycling

Why did the customer choose Shuliy Machinery?

Comparison of pelletizing machine for plastic recycling in the south: The customer conducted extensive comparative research in the market, not only limited to our plastic pelletizer, but also a detailed comparison of similar equipment in the southern region. After carefully weighing performance, quality and price, the customer was convinced that our equipment was more cost-effective.

Customer requirements and customized solutions: As the customer’s requirements for the equipment are very strict, every detail of the machine has put forward detailed requirements. Our team responded positively provided the customer with sufficient and detailed information and developed a customized solution based on the customer’s requirements.

Invitation to Factory Inspection: To further enhance the trust of our customers, we warmly invite them to visit our factory for equipment inspection. This is also our consistent service concept, let customers experience the performance of the pelletizing machine for plastic recycling to ensure that their investment is worthwhile.


We are proud to have won the trust of our Saudi Arabian customers. Through our comprehensive services and cost-effective equipment, we are committed to developing and creating the future together with our customers. We look forward to seeing our customers’ productivity increase and their plastics recycling business flourish with their support.

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