HDPE plastic crushing pelletizing line shipped to Ethiopia

The recycling machines for recycling PP HDPE plastic waste have been shipped to Ethiopia!

This successful cooperation strengthens our relationship with our Ethiopian customers, and we will continue to provide them with high-quality plastic recycling machines and services to help them achieve greater success in the field of plastics recycling.

Why did they need an HDPE plastic crushing pelletizing line?

Our customer from Ethiopia has been in the plastics recycling business for five years with a plastic pelletizer machine and other plastics recycling equipment. We faced the need to upgrade the equipment as production demands increased. Their raw materials include Hard PP and HDPE, and they were looking for long-lasting, high-volume plastic recycling equipment.

Cooperation with Shuliy Machinery

The client found our company through a Google search and Shuliy provided a customized solution for the client’s needs and raw material – a complete HDPE plastic crushing pelletizing line. We adapted the look of the plastic crusher and the dewatering machine was customized according to the client’s requirements. Now the machine has been shipped to Ethiopia and we are looking forward to the smooth production.

Loading & delivery

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