Two sets of plastic granulator machines shipped to Mozambique

With the growing awareness of environmental protection, more and more countries and regions are focusing on plastic recycling and reuse. Recently, we had the pleasure of supplying two sets of highly efficient plastic granulator machines to customers in Mozambique to help them better process and recycle waste plastics.

Why did the Mozambique customer need plastic granulators?

The client from Mozambique intends to open a plastics recycling plant, they have collected a large amount of plastic waste from HDPE PP and want to recycle it and convert the waste into useful recycled plastic pellets. This will not only help to reduce plastic pollution but is also a new business that will bring profit to the plant.

Why did they choose Shuliy recycling machines?

  • EFFICIENT PRODUCTION: Our Plastic Pelletizing Machines have excellent production capacity with two plastic granulator machines processing more than 500kg of plastic waste per hour.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: Our factory has been specializing in manufacturing plastic pellet machines for two decades, and through advanced processes, these machines are capable of producing recycled plastic pellets of exceptional quality that meets international standards.
  • Our project manager, Helen, was professional and patient, helping our Mozambican client, who was doing recycling business for the first time, with project planning, site design, etc., and won the client’s trust.

In the field of plastic recycling, we have always been committed to providing high-quality solutions to our customers and helping to realize sustainable development everywhere. These two sets of plastic granulators successfully shipped to Mozambique are part of our efforts and a contribution to environmental protection.

We look forward to working with more countries and regions in the future to build a cleaner world together. If you are also interested in our plastic granulator machines and other plastic recycling machines, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with support and consultation.

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