What are the operating standards and requirements of the egg tray machine?

After customers purchase the egg tray machine according to their own needs, they will use the egg tray machine. When operating the egg tray machine, you may be unfamiliar with the equipment performance configuration parameters and specific operating procedures, so the egg tray machine may have malfunctions. In order to reduce the probability of failure of the egg tray machine and ensure the safety of the operators, the operation should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating standards and specifications of the equipment. What’s more, the operators must also undergo professional technical training. In our Top company, we can provide video support, manuals, online services, etc. to help.

egg tray making machine
egg tray making machine

Operating standards and requirements of the egg tray machine

  1. Strictly abide by the relevant safety operating procedures and wear labor protection equipment as required。
  2. Before starting the egg tray machine, clean and wipe the upper and lower molds.
  3. Check whether there are extra items on the material support, stopper and slider. If any, clean them up.
  4. According to the thickness of the required egg tray, choose the proper mold. Generally speaking, the mold opening size is equal to or greater than 8 times than the thickness of the required egg tray.
  5. Check the oil level of the oil tank, start the oil pump, and then check the hydraulic pipeline and the oil pump for any abnormalities.
  6. Before use of the egg tray machine, lubricate the molds in time to reduce the friction of each mold during operation, thereby prolonging the service life of each egg tray machine mold.
  7. When the egg tray machine is in operation, you should not touch it with your hands to avoid any unpredictable events.
  8. After completing the production, clean the egg tray mold first, and then add anti-rust oil.
  9.  If any abnormalities, shut down immediately, check the cause and eliminate it in time.
  10.  Regular inspection and maintenance are performed to ensure that the product quality is controlled within the qualified range.

In order to reduce the unsafe factors in the operation of the egg tray machine and various failures of the equipment, the operator must carefully read the instructions and master the correct operation and use methods of the egg tray machine. For the safety of personal and equipment use, It is also necessary to formulate operating standards and regulatory requirements for egg tray machines, and operate and use them in strict accordance with their specifications.

egg tray mould


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