Factors affecting forming of paper egg tray

The egg tray making machine is the crucial equipment to produce the egg tray. During the entire egg tray production line, the quality of its molding directly affects the quality of the egg tray packaging. Here we talk about the main three factors affecting the forming quality of pulp egg trays.

egg tray making machine
egg tray making machine

Types of egg tray machine

Because different types of egg tray machines have great differences in performance and advantages, the processing quality of different types of egg tray equipment is also different.

egg tray equipment
egg tray equipment

Drum type egg tray machine: composed of transmission and adjustment equipment, rotating drum, stripper, cleaner and controller. Generally, it has four-sided rotating drum, eight-sided rotating drum, and twelve-sided rotating drum.

Up-and-down moving egg tray machine: an egg tray machine that moves the mold up and down and sinks it into the water tank for suction filtration.

Swing type egg tray machine: filter and dehydrate the lower mold of the lower rotating body in the slurry tank, swing the upper and lower rotating bodies back and forth, until the upper and lower molds are in place, and then vacuum filter forming.

Flip-type egg tray machine: place mold into the slurry tank for filtering molding, then turn over to the top, take out the wet forming dies.


This refers to the temperature of the mold and the heating temperature of the raw material.

Temperature of the mold: it’s indispensable when the egg tray is formed. The lower the mold temperature, the faster the heat loss due to heat conduction, and the lower the melt temperature, the worse the fluidity.

Heating temperature of the raw material: some materials need to be heated in the raw material tank because of their particularity, such as BMC materials.

Time control of molding

Egg tray molding time has two main influences on the product quality of the egg tray:

end products
end products

The egg tray molding time is too long, it is easy to cause the product to exceed the optimal molding temperature, resulting in poor final molding;

The egg tray molding time is too short to fill the mold completely, which affects the product quality.


In addition to the above factors that affect the forming of the egg tray machine, improper operation, long-term overloading of the equipment, long-term non-maintenance, etc. will lead to the decline of the forming performance of the egg tray making equipment. In Shuliy company, there are different kinds of egg tray molding machines available. Moreover, we provide fish meal packing machine, egg tray reshaping & packing machine, egg tray dryer machine, horizontal bar, waste plastic crusher, etc. Looking forward to your inquiry! We will reply as soon as possible.

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