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EPE foam fruit net making machine is a new type of machine for making flexible packaging material. Due to the unique expansion network structure and elastic foam net of EPE foam net, it is widely used in the packaging of glass products, precision instruments, and various vegetables, fruits, flowers. Therefore, many people are beginning to learn the knowledge of EPE foam fruit net machines.

What is the foaming principle of the EPE foam fruit net making machine?

You need to prepare 50kg liquefied gas tanks (butane) and 2 nitrogen bottles (nitrogen) in advance. First, you should pour the raw material (Low-density high-pressure polyethylene, talc powder 2-4kg / T, butane gas 200kg / T, plastic treasure 20-25kg / T ) into the feeders of the front end of the fruit foam net manufacturing machine. And the mixing device in the feeder will evenly mix the raw materials. Then, methane and other foaming gases are introduced into the host. Next, the finished product comes out of the front section of the host through the grinding tool. By the way, if you want to make fruit and vegetable sets, you should not use plastic waste. This is for the sake of everyone’s health.

melting and cooling part
melting and cooling part

The structure of EPE foam fruit net making machine

The EPE foam fruit net machine consists of five parts: main engine, butane gas pump, additive pump, main electric control cabinet and traction cut-off. The main machine, butane pump, die head, traction roller, and cutter motor are all controlled by a frequency converter.

console of epe foam fruit net making machine
console of epe foam fruit net making machine

Why choose our EPE foam fruit net extrusion machine?

  1. The unit is developed based on many years of practical experience in our SHULIY factory. And it has been exported to Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries.
  2. The EPE foam fruit net extrusion machine has a unique design, convenient operation, stable operation, safety, power-saving, and a high degree of automation.
  3. The products have a high foaming ratio, beautiful appearance, smoothness, symmetry, and good brightness.
  4. 700000-1.2 million 12 cm long fruit net sets can be produced in 24 hours.
  5. The unit is equipped with different die heads and auxiliary machines, which can produce various fruit foam net covers (used for packaging apples, pears, watermelons, honeydew melons, mangoes, etc.), rose protective covers, EPE foam sheets, EPE foam tubes, and other products.
  6. The EPE Foam Fruit Net Extrusion Machine can also produce foamed sheet, foamed pipe, foamed bar, foamed bar and profile by replacing different die heads and auxiliary accessories.
the factory of epe foam fruit net machine
the factory of epe foam fruit net machine

Product parameters:

Model SJF-75 SJF-75A SJF-75B
Length diameter ratio of screw 1:50 01:53.2 1:55
Die electric power 3KW 3KW 3KW
Main motor power 11KW 11KW 11KW
Main motor power 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW
Total power of heating ring 18KW 20KW 20KW
Heating pump motor power 0.55KW 0.55KW 0.55KW
Butane pump motor power 1.1KW 1.1KW 1.5KW
Fan power 480W 480W 480W
Power Consumption 220KW/24h 200KW/24h 200KW/24h
Capacity 500-1200kg/24h 500-1200kg/24h 500-1200kg/24h
Overall dimension of main engine(mm) 5000x700x1350 5250x700x1350 5370x700x1350
Weight 2900kg 2950kg 3000kg
Area covered(mm) 3000×9000 3000×9500 3000×10000

As shown in the figure, we have three fruit packaging foam net machines for sale. Due to the different output, the three machines have different floor areas and sizes.

foam net for fruit packing
foam net for fruit packing

Epe foam fruit net machine’s price

To be honest, the price of fruit foam net manufacturing machines is affected by many factors, such as distance, tax rate, etc. But it is worth mentioning that more than 1 ton of products can be produced with 1 ton of raw materials plus butane gas and auxiliary materials. And one ton of raw materials can be processed in 36 hours, so the profit is considerable. If you want to know the detailed quotation about the foam net for fruit packing, please contact us. As a professional foam net for fruit packaging suppliers, our salesperson will make a detailed quotation for you as soon as possible.

fruit net application range
fruit net application range

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