What Raw Materials Are Used to Process the Fruit Net Cover?

The fruit net is mainly made of high foam polyethylene products extruded from EPE raw materials. The new EPE foam fruit net making machine uses the butane foaming molding principle to make fruit net. And two kinds of auxiliary materials are added in the production process of the mesh sleeve: industrial or medical grade ultra-fine talc powder and food-grade anti-shrinkage agent. Plastic foam net is a mesh plastic mesh cover made of EPE material extruded by an extruder at high temperature. This mesh material can be shaped and stretched. And the fruit net made of wave mold will not slide out easily when packaging products. In addition, EPE foam fruit net products can be reused and recycling is very simple.

Types of fruit packaging foam net

Nowadays, there are many kinds of fruit packaging foam net produced by fruit net cover machine manufacturers. According to the material, they can be divided into foam plastic net cover and solid plastic net cover.

Foam fruit net

The stem diameter of the foam net is very thick and elastic when pinched. Its stem diameter is generally between 3 ~ 6mm. Because it is made of EPE plastic foam, it feels very soft and has good elasticity and elasticity. Therefore, it has the characteristics of convenient and fast packaging and good shockproof effect. And it is widely used in the appearance protection of fruits, eggs and other agricultural and sideline products.

fruit net application range
fruit net application range

Solid plastic fruit mesh cover

The wire of solid plastic mesh cover is very thin and belongs to the extrusion type. Its stem diameter is generally 0.5 ~ 2mm solid net. According to the different raw materials added, the extruded plastic mesh cover can be divided into shaped mesh cover and tensile mesh cover. This kind of net cover is soft and feels good. And the elasticity and toughness are also very good. In addition, its main characteristics are simple, convenient, fast, environmentally friendly and recyclable. It is widely used in the surface packaging and protection of precision hardware packaging, glassware, porcelain and other products.

solid plastic fruit mesh cover
solid plastic fruit mesh cover

Why choose a high-quality EPE foam fruit net making machine supplier?

The mesh sleeves made of EPE foam fruit net making machine provided by high-quality suppliers not only have beautiful packaging, but also greatly reduce various undesirable phenomena caused by external factors. With the increasing cost of human and material resources, if the products we produce are not well packaged, the defective rate of products will rise at the same time. This will bring huge losses to enterprises and farmers. Reduce unnecessary waste for enterprises. The development prospect of plastic EPE foam protective net cover in the future is very broad. Shuliy machinery is willing to provide a high-quality fruit foam net machine for you to make fruit net, flower net cover and red wine protective cover for new and old customers.

epe foam fruit net making machine
epe foam fruit net making machine

Advantages of fruit net cover

EPE foam net for fruit can isolate pesticides and environmental pollution without affecting and damaging the normal growth and maturity of fruits. It also has the function of isolating diseases, pests, and dust. This can make the surface of fruit smooth and bright, and improve the grade of fruit.
Our EPE foam net machine can customize the size of the fruit foam net. The reason why fruits are packed with pearl cotton is that the surface is very fragile. You can make packaging cotton with different thicknesses or shapes according to the needs of customers, so as to give better packaging performance, so as to prevent the fruit from being damaged or scratched or damaged by collision.

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