SL-150 plastic pelletizing recycling machine shipped to Ghana successfully

Congratulations! Our Ghana customer ordered our plastic pelletizing recycling machine for his beginning business in Ghana. Now the pelletizing machine has been shipped to his plant and is ready for production.

First-Time Recycling Plant in Ghana

In Ghana, the problem of plastic waste is becoming increasingly prominent. With accelerated urbanization and population growth, the use of plastic bottles and other packaging materials has increased dramatically, bringing serious pollution to the environment. Plastic recycling and reuse has become an effective way to alleviate this problem. Our customers collect a large number of HDPE plastic bottles, hoping to convert them into high-quality recycled HDPE pellets to meet the market demand. However, they are novices in this field and need professional equipment and program support.

Shuliy Machinery ‘s Professional Support

While looking for the right manufacturer of plastic pelletizing recycling machine, this Ghanaian factory found Shuliy, a trusted brand in the field of plastic recycling machinery, through our website. They focused on Shuliy’s plastic pelletizing recycling machine, which is a key machine for converting plastic bottles into HDPE pellets.

The project manager of this Ghanaian factory got in touch with Sunny, the sales manager. He asked a series of questions, including the output of the machine and the temperature suitable for HDPE pelletizing, etc. Sunny patiently answered every question of the customer, introduced the plastic recycling and pelletizing process in detail, and won the customer’s trust and satisfaction.

Plastic pelletizing recycling machine shipped to Ghana

After thorough consultation and preparation, Shuliy’s plastic pelletizing recycling machine finally arrived at the plastic recycling plant in Ghana.

If you’re also looking for a high-quality plastic pelletizer, consider Shuliy’s Plastic Pelletizer Machine, which is known for its efficiency, reliability and durability for a wide range of plastic materials, including HDPE, LDPE, PP and more. If you would like to learn more about our products or are looking for a customized solution, please feel free to contact our sales team and we will be happy to support you.

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